A Place with a Purpose

Our Purpose

Our Mission

SoulFlags promotes artistic expression and entrepreneurship through our community workspace, where we offer a source for the community, in partnership with community organizations and schools. We provide educational opportunities, services, volunteers and products, thereby bridging gaps for under-served populations who wish to start their own artistic or entrepreneurial endeavors. 

Empowering Entrepreneurship of all Ages

You are the master of your own destiny; it’s time to own it. SoulFlags empowers you to be your best self. Join a community that supports your desire to better yourself and improve your skills, craft, or trade. Our commissioned projects in local schools, youth entrepreneurial camps, and pop-up shop/ artist-in-residence programs support entrepreneurship in our community and drive our economy’s most-important, yet often underserved groups; small businesses.

Grow Your Dream

SoulFlags’ artist, drop in and community focus is set up to allow you to reach for, and achieve your dreams. We provide an affordable, entrepreneur-centered space where you can drop the concerns about being able to afford or scale your business.