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Art Education and Exploration (AEE or ART LITERACY)

Art Education and Exploration (AEE or Art Literacy) focuses on a particular artist for the month.  Students will learn about the artist (past or present) and then explore/create an art project associated with the artist using mixed media (watercolors, acrylics, clay, etc.)

Working with Clay

Learn the process of working with clay – creating a different project each week using either the coil method, pinch pot or slab techniques. Open to all ages. Requires second visit after firing to paint with glazes.

NEW! Beginner Wheel

Learn the primary skill of working with clay on the potters wheel. Learn the techniques of centering the clay, control spinning and raise walls vertically to create mugs and horizontally to create bowls. 

Stained Glass (BASIC)

For the beginner, using pre-cut diamond shaped glass, student learns to copper foil and solder. This a 1-day class.  Open Studio also available to finish your work but must notify a volunteer to use soldering equipment.

Stained Glass (INTERMEDIATE)

For someone familiar with stained glass techniques (ie. cutting glass and soldering), student will receive a template, cut glass to size, copper foil and solder. This a 2-day class.  Open Studio also available to finish your work but must notify a volunteer to use soldering equipment.

Puppy Art

Bring your small pup and create a one of a kind masterpiece!


Learn the process of using wax and dyes to create your own colored design on fabric.

Rock Painting

Discover different rock painting techniques. From dot to dot, mandalas to your own creations, this is a great class for those looking to make small pieces of art that make a big impression!

Toddler Art

Work with your toddlers through creative play. Your toddler will use fine motor skills, painting technique, exploring textures such as the feeling of finger paint or a bowl of dry beans. We encourage them to wiggle or try them standing or sitting on the floor if sitting at a table is too difficult.

NEW! Soul Motion

Yoga, art making and journaling combined with aromatherapy and music is a holistic multi-sensory experience that has the ability to open your body, mind, and soul for deep relaxation, self-reflection, and self-expression. Yoga and breath work help to relax and open the physical body and allows the thinking mind to slow down. Art making in this state enables access to a less guarded, less self-conscious part of yourself.

Summer Art Camps

Our week long art camp focuses on a particular artist for the week, working with different art media that may include painting, photography, collages, tie-dye, batik, “stained glass”, paper mache, clay and much more.  Volunteers children participate for free – contact Soulflags for more information.  Background check required.

After School Program

Soulflags is now offering Art After School EVERY WEDNESDAY. Art Program includes learning art techniques, skills and art history, creating art projects associated with that artist. Register now – 16 limited spots.


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